Travel the World Academy™

The most comprehensive A-Z program for traveling the world full-time.

Travel the World Academy™ is the only signature online course of its kind that shows you exactly how to budget, plan, and prepare for your epic extended trip anywhere in the world.

In this course, you will learn exactly how to travel on a budget, get awesome travel hacks and tips, plan your dream trip, become a travel master, and learn how to make money while traveling so that you can confidently travel like a pro to every country you’ve always dreamed of.


Can you imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Wake up in another country and crossing it off your bucket list 
  • Be able to fully experience a destination instead of cramming everything into a short vacation 
  • Actually live your life to the fullest now instead of waiting for the future, or for the weekends
  • Go on safari one day, another day scuba dive in the ocean, and then another day hike to a beautiful spot in your dream country watching the sunset, thinking “wow, this is my life"

That can be your life. I want you to know that you can do it and have this life, too.

"I only have good things to say about Come Along With Pong’s Travel the World program. The program itself is extremely easy to follow and convenient, which I liked because I was able to go at my own pace. I consider myself a very well-traveled person. Kimberly’s courses really helped me feel confident, secure, and knowledgeable about being able to travel the world. I’ve learned so many things I never even thought of. Like how to avoid getting scammed, the best ATM cards and credit cards for travel, and how to map a travel route, etc. and most importantly, I learned about pushing through my fears. I truly do recommend these courses even if you’re not ready to travel the world right now. The courses, the knowledge, and the limitless information that’s provided by Kimberly is absolutely worth it."

- Marquita J.

"Kimberly has been my go-to for anything travel related for years. Since she is such a well-seasoned and experienced traveler, she acts as a tremendous resource for not only travel logistics but also unique experiences that you can only learn from someone who has done it themselves. Kimberly has been such an inspiration in my life and an advocate for me to follow my travel dreams and passions. I highly recommend working with Kimberly as she is a personal and professional travel encyclopedia as well as an awesome person to learn from."

- Demetria V.

Travel the World Academy

Travel the World Academy™ will help you transform your life, help you overcome any obstacle, fear, or barrier holding you back, and help you achieve your dreams of traveling the world.

Can you imagine being able to *live* your dreams of traveling the world more, and not wait until retirement because you think you have to?! Um, yes please!!!


"After watching Module 6: How to Make Money While Traveling the World, I was eager to try some of the creative ways to make money. I made $1200 with two or three hours of effort from one of Kimberly's tips. It was so much easier than I expected it to be. Now I'm starting another method she taught me and I can't wait to make even more money. Thanks, Kimberly!"

- Krystal D.

"Major life changes are challenging; it's important to surround yourself with the right people. Kimberly's expert travel advice has been transformational. She's saved me hundreds of dollars through one travel tip and has helped me overcome mental barriers. I recommend Kimberly to anyone looking to enrich their lives through travel!"

- Ricardo C.