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The Ultimate Guide to Ruby Slipper Cafe

Out of all the places you should eat at in New Orleans, you MUST go to Ruby Slipper Cafe for breakfast/brunch. You know how whenever everyone and their mom recommends a place, it sometimes doesn’t meet up to the hype? Well, that’s NOT the case here!! It’s so amazing… and so delicious… and totally worth the wait!

How long is the wait? Do they take reservations?

Unfortunately they do not take reservations and the wait is usually an hour plus long… but don’t be intimated by that. You can put your name on the waitlist ahead of time and you don’t even have to

Ruby Slipper Wait Time
64 parties ahead!! (gasp)

physically go there!!! Our wait was around 2 hours long. We went on a Sunday morning and put our names on the list around 10 am.

If you don’t want to wait around that long, download the Yelp app. Search Ruby Slipper Cafe and select the location you want to go to. I recommend doing this when you wake up and then you can shower and get ready while your party is “waiting in line”. If you have a party of 6 or less, you can put your name on the list through the app.

If you have 7+ people in your group, you have to see the host in order to put your name on the wait list. So you have two options: go to the actual location and put your name on the wait list OR select 6 people in your party and in the note section, write the actual amount of people in your party. The wait list and wait time is live so you can check on how many parties are ahead of you. When it’s close to your turn, go to the restaurant and check in with the host. You can have them update the reservation with the correct party size. Make sure to get there a little earlier than your time slot. There were 2 groups that kept getting their name called and no one was there so they gave their table away. Also, if you’re no longer going to go to the restaurant, please be respectful and take your name off the list.

1-6 people you can add your name. 7+ people, add your name under 6 people and put the correct number in the notes.

What do I order when I’m there?

We ordered SO many meals… there were 7 of us and we ordered 9 entrees. It was pretty expensive too. The food was AMAZING though. Everything was delicious…. I’m drooling just thinking about it. We ordered the trifecta (3 eggs Benedict’s) and the chicken St Charles (fried chicken) Benedict was everyone’s favorite Benedict.

Banana Foster
Banana Foster – a MUST!

Other items that were really good were the eggs cohon Benedict and stuffed French toast. The BLT was really good as well. The pancake flight (mix of 3 pancakes) was my least favorite… it wasn’t that good. Our favorite meal though was the BANANA FOSTER!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO GOOD! Omg. You must order this. It’s delicious. It’s super sweet though so I suggest getting one to share with the table. It might be a little too sweet as a whole entree for one person.

Pancake Flight
Pancake Flight
Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed French Toast

Vegetarian wise… there’s not that many options, but you can order any of the dishes without meat. I got the Benedict without meat and I added avocado. It was good, nothing too amazing.

Eggs Benedict without meat
Eggs Benedict without meat, avocado added.

While you wait 1-2 hours for your table, I recommend looking at the menu ahead of time and ordering as soon as you sit down. The food takes a long time to get, and since you’ve already been waiting so long to be seated, why wait even longer to get your food? I also recommend ordering ASAP because they ran out of the Benedict special. One of our guys was the last person to get the Benedict special… talk about a buzz kill.

Nom nom nom!!!

Well, I hope you enjoy a delicious meal… or two… at Ruby Slipper Cafe! I wish I went more than once when I was there… Don’t forget to read my post regarding the best restaurants to eat at while you’re in New Orleans! What was your favorite dish at Ruby Slipper Cafe? If you have any questions or comments, comment below!

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